Got MOBILY USB connector and STC data SIM? Or want to use STC USB Modem with MOBILY data SIM? Follow these easy steps to take advantage of available resources.  Most of these devices are from Huawei, so you can unlock these devices and then use relevant software, same from data SIM, to connect to internet. Many people want to unlock their HSDPA modem, because some modems work with just one network. After unlock you can use it with any networks. It takes just few seconds to unlock your modem

If you use STC data SIM with MOBILY USB connector, or vice verse, it will ask for unlock code. This can be generated from following steps in seconds.


Unlock Huawei  HSDPA modems

First of all you have to find your IMEI of modem. it is written on your modem or modem box it is 15 digit code. Now follow this.

i.  Paste this below address to your browser’s address bar. your Huawei modem IMEI number

ii. Now replace your Huawei modem IMEI number with your IMEI number like below

iii. After entering above code, press Enter key and you should see like this

How to unlock huawei HSDPA usb modems mobily stc


iv. You can use this code to unlock your huawei HSDPA modem. try to connect your connector with data sim you want to use and enter this unlock code when it asks for the code.

Congratulations,  Your device is unlocked. now your device should deduct other SIM Cards and ask for PIN codes.

There is one more thing you will have to set, in order to use internet from STC using Mobily connect or wise versa… as Mobile will not dial STC dial up number, so  follow these steps to dial correct number. for this example, i assume that you have STC data SIM and Mobily USB connector(Huawei).

1. Plug in Your Mobily USB Connector.

2. Run the Mobily connect software.

3. Create a dial up connection(normal dial up connection from network connections), Leave username and password boxes empty and use *99# as dial up number.  Make sure Modem is selected as Huawei/Mobily Connector for this connection.

4. Right Click on My Computer, go to device manager, open Modems and right click on Huawei Modem and click on properties.

5. Select Advance tab and go to Extra Settings text box.

6. Type


for prepaid Data SIM and


for PostPaid Data SIM.

7. Click on Save and you are done.

Now you can use internet with your Mobily Connect software and STC data sim. just open Mobily connect application(from USB) and connect.


you are done. enjoy your internet.