How to Unlock Huawei HSDPA/USB Modems to use STC or Mobily Network

| March 10, 2012 | 134 Comments

Got MOBILY USB connector and STC data SIM? Or want to use STC USB Modem with MOBILY data SIM? Follow these easy steps to take advantage of available resources.  Most of these devices are from Huawei, so you can unlock these devices and then use relevant software, same from data SIM, to connect to internet. Many people want to unlock their HSDPA modem, because some modems work with just one network. After unlock you can use it with any networks. It takes just few seconds to unlock your modem

If you use STC data SIM with MOBILY USB connector, or vice verse, it will ask for unlock code. This can be generated from following steps in seconds.


Unlock Huawei  HSDPA modems

First of all you have to find your IMEI of modem. it is written on your modem or modem box it is 15 digit code. Now follow this.

i.  Paste this below address to your browser’s address bar. your Huawei modem IMEI number

ii. Now replace your Huawei modem IMEI number with your IMEI number like below

iii. After entering above code, press Enter key and you should see like this

How to unlock huawei HSDPA usb modems mobily stc


iv. You can use this code to unlock your huawei HSDPA modem. try to connect your connector with data sim you want to use and enter this unlock code when it asks for the code.

Congratulations,  Your device is unlocked. now your device should deduct other SIM Cards and ask for PIN codes.

There is one more thing you will have to set, in order to use internet from STC using Mobily connect or wise versa… as Mobile will not dial STC dial up number, so  follow these steps to dial correct number. for this example, i assume that you have STC data SIM and Mobily USB connector(Huawei).

1. Plug in Your Mobily USB Connector.

2. Run the Mobily connect software.

3. Create a dial up connection(normal dial up connection from network connections), Leave username and password boxes empty and use *99# as dial up number.  Make sure Modem is selected as Huawei/Mobily Connector for this connection.

4. Right Click on My Computer, go to device manager, open Modems and right click on Huawei Modem and click on properties.

5. Select Advance tab and go to Extra Settings text box.

6. Type


for prepaid Data SIM and


for PostPaid Data SIM.

7. Click on Save and you are done.

Now you can use internet with your Mobily Connect software and STC data sim. just open Mobily connect application(from USB) and connect.


you are done. enjoy your internet.

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  1. robert says:

    thanks , will try this

  2. syed says:

    It is not working i have unlock mobily HSUPA ZTE M120 and i have use you r setting with stc sim it is not working.

    • ksaadmin says:

      what exactly is not working for you? i have unlocked many using same procedure. tell me which point is not working for you?

      • muhamed says:

        when i try to connect my postpaid stc sim it says “the specified port is not open”…ive done exactly the instruction you have written in this website..tnx anyways..

        • ksaadmin says:

          it means your USB Connector is unlocked, you just need to setup dial up connection properly.
          which windows OS are you using? i used windows 7 and has tested this on different pc/laptops. or you can play a bit with settings i.e. you can try with
          ONLY in Extra Settings in modem properties.

      • Mango says:

        My IMEI have been fade at the back of my modem, is there any other method to change it? please help

  3. Nomair says:

    i want to unlock stc usb modem i think its from alcatel or tct mobile can u help

  4. asif says:

    it worked… thanks

  5. shah khan says:

    pl tell how to connect to Zain sim card after unlocking the Mobily connect USB

  6. affan says:

    do we need to enter unlock code & flash code without space in the box, because only unlock code its not accepting? please reply

  7. pinoyreseller says:

    guys,, wi-free availble and still stable here and saudi arabia. using opeline usb modem and excisting stc simcard without load..!guys u can connct to the internet even your simcard without load..

    click here :

    for more info call me at:+966532675210


  8. HAKEEM says:

    IMEI : 356237034062248

  9. febil says:

    send me mail to me your any usb modem imei number for unlocking……
    send model number also……..i can unlock easily……….

  10. abubakker says:

    i have brougt mobily internet usb from souda arabya and in we open u sim from telenor company and we put this u sim in mobily internet usb after putting sim in usb we connect usb with laptop but in laptop mobily usb want unlock code please help

  11. Abubakker says:

    I have mobily internet usb and i buy telenor sim for it from head office when sim is activated i put sim in usb and then i put usb in laptop but in laptop a page were appear and he want unlock code from me .the officer of telenor companay also acceted this usb that telenor sim work in it so please help me .
    IMEI no is 862648012962489 modle is mf190 HSUPA USB stick zte corrporation

  12. Nadeem says:

    Its not working.

    it says error 618 (port not opened)

  13. sanket says:

    i have purchasing mobily USB stic but it is not work anther network like STC,SAWA,JAIN etc network if ane friend find it please give me it 16 digit code.

  14. Adeel says:

    Error 404, link not working

  15. Cryonz says:

    unlock code requires 10 digit, HWCALC V.2.0 provide 8 digit code only
    so how’s that?

  16. Salman says:

    Sorry, but this method is not working in my case. when i go for the first step that is when i type ‘’ in my browser, its giving me this message
    ‘ERROR 404 – Not Found!The requested URL was not found on this server.
    Please check the URL or contact the webmaster.’
    I am not even able to go to the next step

  17. Nabeel Ashfaq says:

    Thanks unlocked my STC USB.

  18. arun says:


    I need help for this..

    I have mobily connect usb modem (ZTE Propiretary USB modem). It was cracked while i purchased. Then i was using STC internet card, by adding stc AND *99# under config. then i shifted to mobily it was working fine. Now i want to use stc. I purchased a quick net new sim card. when i try to use sim by making changes in config file, i cannot able to connect to internet. can please help me….

  19. abdul says:

    tct mobile limited tiv one touch x230L 03 438
    x230L alcatel one touch x230L-2DsGSA3-3
    i need both nck ,rck,spck codes send to my email

  20. kris says:

    Is this tricks still working? Yes or no?

  21. KHAN says:

    How to Unlock HSJPA/USB Modems to use STC or Mobily Network
    PLZ HELP ME MY IMEI NO IS 356516023548642

  22. KHAN says:

    How to Unlock HSJPA CONNECT CARD (USB)to use STC or Mobily Network
    PLZ HELP ME MY IMEI NO IS 356516023548642

  23. clemen says:

    Same like mine error 404….answer anyone,is it still working?

  24. Jason says:

    How about unlocking the Mobily 4G Connect modems? Any help would really be appreciated.

  25. Binson says:

    Please give unlock code for mobily huawei connect
    Imei: 355013042673156
    Model no. E1750C

  26. Asif says:

    It is not working, when i try to connect it says “connection terminated”.

  27. uzair says:

    unlock code send to
    stc quicknet modem made=alcatel model=x080s imei=356237036325460

  28. alfer says:

    Please give unlock code for mobily broadband imei:356516021906131 s/n :3240840100172121

  29. Direct Mail says:

    Highly descriptive article, I liked that bit. Will
    there be a part 2?

  30. John says:

    Hai Dear,
    i have mobiley connect card, i want to unlock this connect card.
    MY IEMI is 358960025117676, model# WM71,pls help me
    my mail id is

  31. farooq says:

    pl how can i chang my mini wifi connect mobily to stc …here is the imie number…354104030656336…mobel number E5832

  32. jaisal says:

    Mobily Huawei-B683
    Serial Number:G5J6RA1232100756
    please give instruction how to use other sim card

  33. google says:

    Wow, this article is pleasant, my younger sister
    is analyzing these kinds of things, thus I am going to tell her.

  34. dinesh says:

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  35. Asif says:

    Asalam O Alakum/Hello

    I have Mobily internet USB:

    HSUPA Card MF 637
    ZTE corporation
    IMEI: 356516023381846
    S/N: 3240840100250090
    How to unlock it, to start working in Pakistan ( Jazz, Telenor, Zong, etc connection).

    Thank you

  36. Abe says:

    Can you please help with unlock code form my modem:

    IMEI 868165002325969
    Model E353Wu-1

    Thank you

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  40. sagheer ahmed says:

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  41. sagheer ahmed says:

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  42. almurtad says:

    huawei B593-91

  43. mansoor abbas says:

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    Modem: Huawei E586Bs-2
    IMEI: 356157040018911

  46. roel says:

    Sir i have Mobily 4G LTE pls help me to Unlock coz im here now in Philippines and i can not use my Mobily 4G LTE router its lock.

  47. irshad says:

    Sir i have UNLOCK STC X230L

  48. jahanzeb says:

    stc Quick net
    Firmware version :
    IX1B4700XX IMEI :

  49. jahanzeb says:

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  50. mai says:

    I have usb HSDpa, model: Mf
    Imei: 352867048405290
    Ean: 6934933003088
    I need to unLock the Imei

  51. Bilal Athar says:

    hope you are upto the good work you are doing. I have a Mobily 4G connect router

    i need to unlock it to use STC Sim
    the imei number = 359938041096718

    Appreciate your help in this regards


  52. tom says:

    please send to my email hte unlock code of my mobily 4G connect router
    the IMEI=352705054106172
    and mobily plug in USB stick

    thanks a lot.

  53. Salman says:

    Brother,I have unlocked my Mobily Dongle,and i,have inserted STC Data sim,But when i connects to STC it shows an ERROR-“A connection to the remote computer could not be established, so the port used for this connection was closed”.Any Idea to solve this error?

  54. Salman says:


  55. Arul says:

    Quick net STC
    IMEI – 867597004301138

  56. S John says:

    I unlock the huawei modem e180, I am using mobily sim in it, when i connect with this sim in mobile, its able to browse. but when i put in unlocked above modem (with web2 apn) error 628. but wap2 connecting but I am not able to browse.

    any suggestion


  57. mohd riyaz says:

    Plz send me unlock code mobily model no. WM72
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    I unlock the huawei modem e197, I am using mobily sim in it, when i connect

  64. NUSKY AHAMED says:

    Assalamu alikum



    MODEL. WM71


  65. NUSKY AHAMED says:

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    MODEL. WM71



  66. Ariya says:

    Hello guys,

    I have a Quick mywifi modem.
    How can i unlock it?


  67. piu says:

    Huawei Mifi E 586
    IMEI # : 357592047179267
    Original service provider : STC (KSA)
    i need to use in India..

  68. maqsood says:

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  69. liton says:

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    Model : Huawei B660 Router

    IEME: 357499040084405

    Please send Me password Unlocker

  71. Bibin says:

    I Have a mobily modem i will unlock but how can u use Zain internet sim there pls give me guideline for to do this

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  75. Spare Modem says:

    I have a spare Mobily Huawei B683. I want to unlock it to use any other provider SIM in it. The Link is not working.
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    I tried your method mentioned, many times and many different ways, and other I found online, none have worked.

    If you can please drop me an email so I can send you my IMEI and other required info (do not want to share personal info on this site) it would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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  89. NCK code need says:

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    Firmware version :
    IMEI :

    Pls send NCK Code

  90. Ilyas Habib Pasha says:

    HUAWEI LTE E5172 s-920


    Please send NCK code

    • usman says:

      IMEI: 860453453020743

      Unlock (V1): 63786119
      Unlock (V2): 41796486
      Unlock (V3/201): 60681955
      Flash: 62293338

  91. Sabir says:

    i have mobily modem could u please help me to unlock dat

    IMEI NO:68013371423

    MODEL: B593u-91 Huawei

    Email Id:

  92. Sabir says:

    i have mobily modem could u please help me to unlock dat

    IMEI NO:863168013371423

    MODEL: B593u-91 Huawei

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  93. Ali khan says:

    Need of NCK Code;
    modem name= mobily connect card
    thanks in advance

  94. shaikh arif says:

    hi, i will
    be want to use any sim on this
    modem.e180, and imei 359256032277654 please send unlock code

  95. Jacques Botma says:

    I need help to unlock zte mf253

  96. Aamir says:

    dear Admin i opened my Mobily Huawei B593 Router But it worked only half hour and now again locked and show this messag

    Status: The SIM lock has taken persistent effect. Please contact your operator.

    what can i do now its locked plz guide me

  97. IBRAHIM says:

    SIM: STC Saudi Arabia Data SIM
    Router: Huawei LTE CPE e5172-STC
    Error: Connection failed with error code:289
    Modem Diagnostic result: block

    Unable to connect with a different/new STC SIM card.

    Please help

  98. mohdriyaz77 says:

    Plz send me unlock code mobily model no. WM72
    imei:- 352161041591771

  99. ghostinos says:

    plz help unlok

    Found modem : E153
    Model : Huawei E153
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    Serial NR. : KMA4CA1160919495
    Firmware : 11.609.18.00.158
    Hardware ver. : CD1E153M
    Voice feature : disabled
    SIM Lock status : Locked (Card Lock)
    Wrong codes entered : 10 (unlock attempts left : 0)

    • usman says:

      IMEI: 356342048231365

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      Unlock (V2): 73816128
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  100. IsrarAhmad says:

    what is the unlock cod of
    tct mobile limited ljv one touch x230l 03 438 x230l-2dsgsa3-5
    Ime= 867597005986655

  101. Anthony says:

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    • Izhar Ullah says:

      I want to unlock my STC X230L modem, my STC IMEI is:867597005267361.
      Please v contact me on my email.
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      • neloy says:

        IMEI: 867597005267361

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