Nitaqat System: How to check sponsor company category

| December 8, 2011 | 41 Comments

Since new nitaqat system is implemented, every expat in Saudi Arabia wants to know the category/status of his sponsor. whether its green, red or yellow as effects employees directly in new nitaqat system. if you want to know about nitaqat system please follow this post. Please follow these steps to check your sponsor category.

How to Check your Company Category?

A: Open following website, which is in Arabic language.  Please note that this page is only for company categories query service for expatriates.

nitaqat system: how to check sponsor category using iqama

Type your IQAMA number and click on Search button as shown in picture.

B) If you entered correct values in step 1, YOUR NAME and SPONSOR ID should appear bellow the search button. further system will show you your company status with background color green/red/yellow, as shown in the picture below
nitaqat system how to check sponsor category

That’s it… but if you want to translate and read result in Arabic, please follow next steps.

C) Select result From Right to Left or copy or highlight your NAME.

D) Go to GOOGLE Translate (Preferred Internet Explorer OR Google Chrome)

E) PASTE it in the ARABIC box and click translate or the ENGLISH translation will automatically appear in the Right side.

1) Make sure that you select text or highlight from Left to Right all the Arabic text before you paste it in the GOOGLE translation box, if ever no category Color will appear, go back again, select it and copy paste to Google translation. Do it several times if needed.
2) If translation “No specifications of registered worker” appears it means your company is not classified under the Nitaqat Rules.

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  1. adeel says:

    what does it means “We apologize for the lack of service due to the lack of your facility in databases ranges.”
    i found this reply from website you mentioned above.

  2. Muhammad Ansar says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am Indian Nationality working in Jeddah out side sponsor,

    I really appreciated your useful replay,

    My self having big problems, My sponsor from Nazraan he don’t have any

    needful documents, My Iqama under Red category even he took my

    Passport, he wont return my Passport, he demanding some of big amount,

    really i don’t know what can i do, please suggest me what can i do ?

  3. Tiger says:

    What do these categories (RED/BLUE/GREEN/WHITE) actually mean?

  4. Jaison Anthony says:

    Working No. : 6-2-252461 Name : JAISON PATHIYAPARAMBIL ANTHONY Evaluation of the facility :
    Working condition : On-the-job Licenses Establishment : Established valid permits.
    I Don’t know how to read the Arabic. The above shown message is getting from checking the nitaqat category by checking with passport no. My passport number is k5090640 nationality is Indian. I don’t know what is white category.
    Can I work here? I expecting a earliest reply..

  5. Jaison Anthony says:

    orking No. : 6-2-252461 Name : JAISON PATHIYAPARAMBIL ANTHONY Evaluation of the facility :
    Working condition : On-the-job Licenses Establishment : Established valid permits.
    what is white category in nitaqat rule. My passport number is k5090640 and I don’t know how to read the arabic. so can’t read my iqamma number.
    Please send an earliest replay.

  6. raju says:

    i am working in a company morning time after i finish my company duty i go for partime in evening to other work. is there any problem to work partime in this situation?????????? my iqama have valid date..reply me

    • ksaadmin says:

      Dear Raju, part time work is not allowed. According to law, you can work for the sponsor only. any other work is illegal.

  7. irfan says:

    what is white catagery means,and how system upgrade,my kafeel is in whit catagary,so he told me that iqama will take time for making becaue system will updatd and also put one saudi,please guid me my sponser is in white catagery,what should i do please guide properly.should i wait or not

  8. Sameeh says:

    i have same above question that jaison anthony asked

  9. Danish says:

    I am working in a company at Jeddah from 14th of March 2013. My company has two working location site, so my company transferred me one location to another location, where there is no my position job. I am new, only completed 2 months till date. I appoached three to four times of my superwiser and senior told him, I don’t want to work this location. Please transfer me first location but he only said wait but till now they are not transfering me from 23rd march. Please advise me what should be done

  10. Aslam Ashraff says:

    As salam alaikum.

    My Iqama is valid and in white category what does it mean can you exactly say.

    • rash says:

      WHITE catagory means any legal documents of your company (Commercial Registration / Labour Office Certificate / License etc) has been expired. The company have to renew the same to keep the same running.

  11. Mohammad Jamil says:

    Assalamu alaikum….
    If my IQAMA not renew my company sponsor after the expiration date, it is automatically i can transfer immediately to other sponsor?

  12. Expat says:

    Dear Sir, I would like to sincerely share my bad experience with one of the Manpower Company in Saudi Arabia Eastern Province by name Mohammed Al Zoabi Corp. (MAZCO). This company exploits its employees by delay in payment of salary, Provide cheap airline ticket with multiple transits points instead of providing direct flight ticket, vacation schedule problem, delay / hold in paying vacation amount, not paying End of Service benefits, etc. So I advise all my friends who are seeking job in this company to think again before taking final decision.

  13. MOHD IRFAN says:

    Dear Sir, I am new, only completed 2 months till date.

    My Iqama is valid and in white category.

    I am Seeking the job Until I didn’t get the job If I Get the job

    After ( 3 july 2013 ) I can Transfer eassly Please Give Me Answer.

  14. fahad says:

    what does platini status means to a company?

  15. fahad says:

    platini status company can accept the transfer of a new employee or not?

  16. zuber ahmad says:

    Hello guy’s I need your help I lost my passport even I don’t have copy and passport number I print out my iqama but it’s not enough to make new passport so how can I make new passport

  17. rizwan shaik says:

    i got selected in Al khodari & sons company Riyadh in febraury 2013 at hyderabad india. As a Mechanical Engineer
    but still there is no replay from company, they are saying that we have to wait for some time presently Nataqat is going on . . what is the problem presently going on there.
    i did not get offer letter also

  18. Badar says:

    I given to transfer my iqama in June 30, 2013. now how can i know, My iqama transfered or not, profession change or not and how to check my sponser name thorugh by system. please help me

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    sir my sponsor has 11 people.but now my company is in yellow catogery.
    we add one saudi on 15 july 2013. sir please let me know how long it will take to come green category, because my iqama already expired.i want to renew my iqama.

    • hassan says:

      im hassan my iqama is in yellow status and after 1 week it is going to be i want to know how much time does it take to become my status green.plz i want reply

  21. Abdul Cadeer says:

    hi every one am cadeer same nitakat problem to me. before above 3 month my iqama status low green recenly i checked it’ red. red status is a critical situation so i dont know what can i do .its possible to change green cetargary?please reply whom know persion…

  22. qaisar says:

    hi, my kafeel is individual. my iqama is valid for 10 months from now, my category is red, i got release later from my kafeel attested by umda shorta and accepted by a company on job, but new compnay said my release letter should be attested from Jawazat. my kafeel said jawazt refused to attest, jawazt said contact labour office, but my company still insist that it should be attested from Jawazat. plz help

  23. jasim says:

    what is the border number. plz say something about the border no.
    how to know my sponsor name & id no. (kopil) name

  24. Expatriat says:

    Dear sir,

    Presently working in a company which is in a red category and i am not on his sponsorship but he has my passport, even my original kafeel is in red category. Now i have got a new job but my present employer refuses to give my passport he is demanding huge money.Please advice.

  25. sheraz says:

    Please can someone explain what is meaning of low green company ? can a employee can transfer from low green to green company without fulfilling the requirement of 2 year job ?

  26. ibrahim says:

    hello bro my name ibrahim….i got engg ofer later from month of the july…nov 1st now but till date i don’t get visa my agent saying that u will get in few days visa….but till date i don’t get visa wht to do…plz help me bro….
    I am waiting for u r reply plz help me out of this….

  27. sameer says:

    i got a demand paper from new company than i have given the demand paper to my sponsor for release, than i have pay to my sponsor a amount as he demand.than i submit the documents to new company. my iqma was expire few months back and my sponsor is in red. steel my iqma was to transfer process in new company. now i need clear solution. how i now my iqma transfer was in process, please tell me how to soul my problem

  28. Tahir says:

    my ikama is status is platinum .. what does this category show ?

  29. John says:

    No group: ####### Name: @@@@@@@@@@@####%%% assess the facility: Green low state group: at the head of the facility work permits: Permits valid establishment.
    What is meant by these translation? Is my company/sponsor status critical. website indicates that it is yellow.

  30. KHussain says:

    Is a transfer of sponsorship possible to a company whose status is Medium Green.

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