Since new nitaqat system is implemented, every expat in Saudi Arabia wants to know the category/status of his sponsor. whether its green, red or yellow as effects employees directly in new nitaqat system. if you want to know about nitaqat system please follow this post. Please follow these steps to check your sponsor category.

How to Check your Company Category?

A: Open following website, which is in Arabic language.  Please note that this page is only for company categories query service for expatriates.

nitaqat system: how to check sponsor category using iqama

Type your IQAMA number and click on Search button as shown in picture.

B) If you entered correct values in step 1, YOUR NAME and SPONSOR ID should appear bellow the search button. further system will show you your company status with background color green/red/yellow, as shown in the picture below
nitaqat system how to check sponsor category

That’s it… but if you want to translate and read result in Arabic, please follow next steps.

C) Select result From Right to Left or copy or highlight your NAME.

D) Go to GOOGLE Translate (Preferred Internet Explorer OR Google Chrome)

E) PASTE it in the ARABIC box and click translate or the ENGLISH translation will automatically appear in the Right side.

1) Make sure that you select text or highlight from Left to Right all the Arabic text before you paste it in the GOOGLE translation box, if ever no category Color will appear, go back again, select it and copy paste to Google translation. Do it several times if needed.
2) If translation “No specifications of registered worker” appears it means your company is not classified under the Nitaqat Rules.